I help passionate individuals and small businesses by doing what I do best- getting their processes in order, connecting with their audiences, making them look and sound fabulous online, and wowing their clients with impeccable customer service.

I work with a rock star line-up of creatives, bloggers, healers, trendsetters, & trailblazers like you who are in pursuit of BIG dreams and are ready to take their success to new heights.


Here’s How I Can Help You Run Your Empire:

Let’s clear your to-do list of those day-to-day tasks so that you can focus on what you do best!

Let’s create a brand that authentically feels like you and attracts your dream clients.

Let’s set up a social strategy that wows your audience and keeps them engaged.



As a small business owner, myself…..

I understand how hard you hustle every single day.

As a virtual assistant, content creator, and designer I can be a teammate, partner and collaborator. But I can also take over tasks that you'd rather not have to deal with so that you can shift your focus elsewhere.

I know it’s easy to get sucked into doing all the mundane work when you’re running your own business.

But here’s a reminder:

You don’t need to do that.

Your time is better spent on the things that only YOU can do.

By handing off the behind-the-scenes work to me, you’ll free-up time to dedicate toward more valuable activities such as growing your business and spending time with the people you love.

Take a moment to imagine that….

Pretty sweet, right?


I offer a wide variety of specialties: Copywriting, Design, Admin (such as email management, content sharing, process optimization, calendar management, bookkeeping, etc)



“Glo has transformed the way I do business. Gone are the days of playing catch up, I simply let go & let Glo! Administrative tasks, client correspondence, account set-up, systems management she does it all quickly, efficiently and with a virtual smile. I hesitantly give her my highest recommendation only because selfishly I want to keep her to myself ;)

Glo is an essential part of the function and efficiency of this firm.”

- J. Allen, Interior Designer


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