I believe you’re unstoppable and can do anything…

But that doesn’t mean that you should be doing everything.

I know it’s hard….but it’s time for you to let go of some stuff.



How I Can Help:

  • Calendar- scheduling, reservations, travel arrangements, personal & family organization scheduling

  • Email- inbox management, welcome email sequences, original copy, email campaigns & newsletters, email list management

  • Financial- invoices, expense reports, reimbursements, purchasing, payments & transfers

  • Hiring- job descriptions/postings, inquiries, applicant review, interview scheduling

  • Communication- customer service, email proof-reading & creation, announcements, documents

  • Streamlining- process documentation, systems creation, internal process auditing & improvement

  • Graphics- social media content, website & blog content, document creation, promotional materials

  • Web- web design, website management

  • Social- social media strategy, setup, scheduling


Retainer Packages


No Commitment

You want to see if I’m a good fit (I will be!) before committing to a monthly retainer or you’re interested in a specific, short-term project.

Time must be used within 30 days of purchase.


Monthly Retainer

The more I get to know you and your business, the more in tune I become with its vision and with you.

We’ll chat and come up with a monthly package of services to suit your needs.


I want to hear about you & your business.

Other Offerings

Let’s create a brand that authentically feels like you and attracts your dream clients.

Let’s set up a social strategy that wows your audience and keeps them engaged.